2024 Vision

A Year Of Celebrating Faith That Risks

As we kick off the new year we are excited to share about our vision for 2024. Pastor Nate taught our first vision sermon of the year from Matthew 25:14-30.

“Our lives are meant to be invested, not protected.”

We believe Citylight North Lincoln exists to multiply disciples and churches of all nations. And every year our leadership team takes time to sit before Jesus and ask, “What is one specific area we as a church can grow in as we seek to continue to accomplish that mission?” This year we believe God is calling us to press into faith-filled risk.



One of the things we see both modeled and celebrated throughout scripture is people who are willing to take risks for their faith. People who willingly step into things that could and often do cost them. And just as scripture celebrates people taking faith-filled risks, we too as a church want to have a culture that celebrates risks taken for the Kingdom!

To be clear the risk isn’t the point. We don’t make Kingdom investments just because we like taking risks.

No, we take calculated faith-filled risks for the sake of seeing a Kingdom return! To celebrate these risks we need to hear from all of you. Would you be willing to share a story of faith-filled risk in your own life or someone else in our church family? If so, please share below or fill out a card on Sunday morning. 

If you would like to submit a faith-filled risk story about yourself or someone in our church family, you can submit it below.

Share a Faith-filled Risk Story:

Check out all of the stories of faith-filled risk

As stories are shared we may connect with individuals and make sure it is okay with them to display and share their stories on the public wall below. 

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PAST Annual Visions

2023 Vision

A Year of Prayer for the Lost 

Each year we ask God to give us one clear way to extend His glory in our lives. For 2023, God has given us a burden to see those around us who do not know Jesus come to know and worship Him as Lord. As believers in Christ we know we all were once lost “But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ” (Eph. 2:13). We long to see salvation for people in our neighborhoods, network and in all nations.

As we spend time in and outside of church praying for the lost, everyone is also encouraged to write the initials of someone they are burdened for on the wall in the foyer and consistently pray for them. We’ve also gathered cards of unreached people groups across the world for us to intentionally pray for the nations.

As we see throughout Scripture, and especially in 1 Timothy 2:1-6, prayer is a priority for the church, prayer is pleasing to God, and prayer was purchased by Jesus. Because of Jesus, we know that God hears us as a friend and delights in us coming before Him. We are so excited to see how the Lord uses this year to align our hearts with His and bring new people into the Kingdom!

2022 Vision

Open Seat At the Table

From Genesis to Revelation we repeatedly see the dinner table as a place where people connect and God. In the hustle and bustle of our culture, we have lost the heart of gathering around the table. As we continue to seek Jesus in 2022 we desire to see connections around the table revived. As we begin to gather with one another this year, our goal is to build relationships with each other and with Christ. There is an open seat at the table for you as we seek to fulfill our 2022 vision of 1500 shared meals with new friends, colleagues, and neighbors

2021 Vision

100 Gospel Shares

As we’ve prayed and reflected on the vision of Citylight North we feel that the Lord sent us out a year and a half ago, what we landed on as our dream for 2021 and what we are praying and asking Jesus for is more opportunities to proclaim His Gospel to our neighbors. And more specifically we are praying for 100 opportunities, for us collectively as a church, to get to share the Gospel with a neighbor. 100 opportunities for us to get to invite people into hearing Good News that will change their lives forever!

So every single time one of you shares this Good News with a neighbor, we will write it down and put it in an envelope and hang it up here! When your city group is here at our office, you can write it yourself and hang it up or you can let a staff member know and we will do it for you